Performing 45 Years Later on the                                          

John Phillips Memorial Main Stage
Approximate Set Times:

Openning Ceremony
with Djin Aquarian - 1:30pm

Big Brother & the Holding Co. 2:pm
The Standells - 7:30pm
It's A Beautiful Day - 8:pm

Sal Valentino/Beau Brummels - 3:30
Sopwith Camel - 7:pm
Linda Imperial Band
with David Freiberg - 6pm
Joli Valenti & Quicksilver Gold
Experience Jimi (Hendrix) &
The Back Doors as The Doors - 9pm

Arjun Varma in the tradition of
Alam Khan & Ravi Shankar - 5pm
The Van Animals - Animals Tribute
& Dreamin' On Monday - Tribute to

The Mamas & the Papas - 4pm
Talk That Talk - 5:30
The Normal Bean Band - 12:45pm
Galaxy Chamber - 4:30am
DAM - 12pm - Flanelhed - 11am
Rock Candy - Jolly Roger - 10:30am
Groovy Judy - 12pm

We're Very Sorry To Have to Announce, Barry & John Are Not Able To Appear After All.
"Dreamin' On Monday"
"Experience Jimi"
"The Who's Next"